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Prerequisite:  The Gold Circle

The Golden Gateway Program is for people who have been letting go for awhile and have completed the entire Gold Circle program.  You must complete the Gold Circle before enrolling in this program.  You should also read about the Golden Gateway Program before you register by clicking here.  It’s important for your safety that you don’t skip the basics of letting go.  I’m more direct in this program; and we go much deeper into the core of your mind, and the collective mind, in this program.  We start to really destroy the illusion and those disruptive clones.

We also discuss creative leadership.  In fact, this program used to be called the Creative Leadership program.  Even if you don’t want to hold a physical leadership role, you will want to be the leader of your mind, body, and life.  You’ll want to hold the true masculine role in every relationship and any group you belong to.  In this program, you’ll also become the writer, director, producer, and lead actor of your story.

This virtual space is Cathy unleashed.  I don’t hold anything back; I won’t be gentle anymore.  I expect a lot from you.  I’m not going to dumb things down or write as if you don’t know how to let go in the Golden Gateway.  I give you what you need to get free, not what your clone characters want.  Your beliefs and emotions will arise like lava out of a volcano in this program.  My writing will trigger every remaining belief and program in your mind.

It’s up to you how far you go. You can step off the Golden Gateway train at any time.  If things get too intense, take a break.  Or go back and review the Gold Circle.  There is no set timeline with this program.  You aren’t in a race to the finish line.  You have eternity to get free; but if you stay with the program, you’ll get free in this lifetime.  And you’ll have lots of time for creative play.

I’ve noticed dramatic changes in the people who have done this program.  They become more clear minded.  Their speaking becomes calmer, more authentic, and more compassionate.  They start to think in win-win terms.  They start to understand and experience unconditional love, so their relationships improve.  They look at life and other people and everything makes sense.  They do start to feel like a master of their mind.  Many physical aspects of their life start to change.  But most important, they realize that there is nothing that they cannot let go.  There’s no true desire that they cannot fulfill in time.  They find themselves comfortable leading and helping others.  Freedom for all becomes achievable and deserved.