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This is where you buy your Gold Circle virtual access pass.  This program is like getting a Master’s Degree in the mind and life.  There is nothing like it.  In this program, you will come to understand your mind, and collective thinking, in a way that you never dreamed possible.  You will learn how to clean up your mind so that you can achieve mental freedom.  Once you gain mental freedom, emotional and physical freedom follow.

It’s up to you how far you go.  You can step off the Gold Circle train at any time.  But be patient with yourself; this is unlike anything else you’ve ever done in the past.  This information has been hidden for thousands of years.  This is mostly uncharted territory.

This is NOT a quick fix.  Initiation is a permanent change of mind that happens gradually over time.  I guide you through the initiation process in a slow but steady manner in order to keep you safe.  You will feel emotions that you’ve probably not felt for a long time.  But those emotions will dissipate as you let go.  You won’t be stuck with them forever.  As you let go, you will be changing the very foundation of your mind.  You don’t want to do that too quickly.

If you follow the path that I’ve set out in this program, as many have already, you’ll find that you make continuous progress.  But the results probably won’t be what you expected. Initiation takes you to a place that normal people don’t even know exists.  I don’t like to describe what mental freedom is like because it’s different for everyone.  However, I can say that it’s not like a peak, drug, or near-death experience.  It’s just a calmness; it’s lasting inner peace.  I’m sure that you will like it.

When your mind is free, you are creative, clear, and joyful.  You have power; but you would never use that power to harm or control others.  Ultimately, you know where you are going in life, and you know why you are alive.  You will become wise and know the difference between true and false.  You will be authentic with everyone.  You will express who you are without apology.  You won’t be like me; you’ll be like YOU.

You’ve been going deeper into the illusion for most of your life.  You’ve been adding beliefs and programming to your mind.  You’ve been chasing false desires.  You aren’t alone.  The collective illusion was designed so that we’d all do that. So we have to change directions carefully and gracefully.

From the first day of this program, we are going to begin exposing, discriminating, and letting go.  I’ll share every technique I know with you.  I’ll give you lots of examples to follow, and I’ll share my own experiences. You’ll get to know the initial members of the Gold Circle in group calls; they’ll feel like your new best friends.  I’ll answer your questions about the articles or calls in the comments.  I’ll be the unseen wind beneath your wings.  But I will never replace your True Self.  Your own True Self is your guide on this journey; and you will get to know that aspect of your mind very well.  Once you step on to this pathway, you will encounter beliefs and mental programs in the order and time frame that you are ready to handle them.

The Gold Circle is intense.  But it’s also life changing.  It will become the best investment you ever made if you take it seriously and make letting go your new way of life.  Don’t worry about letting go of something you need.  You can’t let go of your True Self.  Besides, if you let go of a belief that you later want or need, you can always believe it again.  That’s why letting go is harmless.  You can’t make a mistake.  It’s the one thing in life that you can’t screw up.  Isn’t that refreshing?

You are going to learn to become the master and manager of your mind.  You, and you alone, should be in full control of what you believe and what you let go.  That being said, you are responsible for your mental and physical safety.  If the program becomes too intense for you, take a break.  You can always come back later.  There is no race to the finish with initiation.  It’s an individual sport.

Make sure that you have read about this program before signing up by clicking here.  Make sure that you are familiar with all of the free material on and  That way you will know what initiation is and what it is not. You’ll be prepared to jump into the Gold Circle with both feet.

I look forward to having you as part of the Gold Circle.  Get ready for the ride of your life.